Memoria. Tehnica amorsării

O tehnică numită amorsare este capabilă de a demonstra memoria implicită. Unei persoane care vede cuvântul galben îi este mai uşor să recunoască termenul banană. Acest lucru are loc pentru că cele două cuvinte sunt asociate în memorie.

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5 Recent Advances in Educational Technology

Imagine going to school without getting out of bed. According to an article at, its actually not that uncommon – “70,000 school-age children wake up each morning for class and walk as far as the nearest Web-enabled gadget…” which is sometimes sitting at the side of their bed in the form of a laptop or tablet. It’s amazing to think about how 20 years ago, personal computers were only just beginning and now, it’s within arm’s reach of the majority of the youth in America. Educational technology seems to be progressing at warp speed, with new advances emerging every single day.


Classroom Management Software

Course management systems (CMS) are designed to provide a platform for teachers to reach thousands of students all at one time in one course. They allow for quizzes to be given through its platform along with the ability to create interactive forums with information provided from a myriad of different resources. They can be used to save time for both students and educators while accomplishing the feel of a one-on-one learning environment. Learning how to reach masses all at once is educational innovation at its best.

Learning Management Systems

Teachers and professors alike are always looking for ways to engage students and expand learning opportunities. Especially in higher education, where the need to offer classes outside of the classroom as well as offset campus  overcrowding is more concerning, Learning Management Systems (LMS) have really improved upon opportunities to reach more students. These tools allow for more collaborative class settings on or off-line. For example, if you have an overly large group of students where it is difficult to have personal one on one time with each, LMS makes it possible to create lesson plans via video or wiki as well as track content through blogs and other easily accessible tools. This allows for more of an exclusive interaction. With LMS the internet keeps you connected in or outside the classroom. For more on LMS, click here.

Classroom Audio Systems

Studies have shown that one of the main issues students have with learning in a classroom is that they often cannot hear the instruction as well as is needed. Classroom audio systems provide the ability for teachers to project their voices loud and clear to all who are intended to hear. Teachers use this innovation to reach students at a level that they otherwise would not be able to do. This fairly recent development in the classroom has led to an unprecedented rise in test scores for all who experienced the effects before and after.

Field Trip App

New applications for computers, smart phones and iPads are surfacing every day. There are learning apps for just about every subject there is. The field trip app, for instance, helps to educate students on their surrounding areas. It
provides historical significance, useful fun facts, and other educational information for practically any field trip destination.

Using Cloud Computing for Educational Technology

Another relatively new advancement in the field of education technology is the use of cloud computing to store documents. Google Docs, for instance, recently transitioned to Google Drive – a place to store Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents for retrieval anywhere that has access to an internet connection. No longer is forgetting a homework assignment even possible with this relatively new cloud computing technology.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is not necessarily a new concept; however, the realization of this concept is in fact relatively new. Innovative teachers use this technology to help them cater to personalized learning for students in need of more help than average. This means the development of tests and skill instruction is created specifically to cater to each individual’s exact learning needs. It is available for all ages, in all levels of learning and appears to be a
fast-growing capability for innovative educators seeking technology to increase the effects of their teaching.

Measurement: Exploring the Whimsy of Math through Playful Patterns, Shape and Motion

“What makes a mathematician is not technical skill or encyclopedic knowledge but insatiable curiosity and a desire for simple beauty.”

Math, as Vi Hart’s stop-motion doodles, Robin Moore’s string portraits, and Anatolii Fomenko’s stunning black-and-white illustrations have previously shown us, can be the conduit of great fun and great beauty. In Measurement (public library), mathematician Paul Lockhart invites us to “make patterns of shape and motion, and then [try] to understand our patterns and measure them.” (Because, lest we forget, we have a natural penchant for patterns.) What results as we step away from physical reality and immerse ourselves in the imaginary — and imaginative — world of mathematical reality is a thing of infinite beauty and infinite fascination.

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We Got Merge: Noam Chomsky on the Cognitive Function that Made Language Evolve

“You got an operation that enables you to take mental objects … already constructed … and make bigger mental objects out of them.”

In 2004, Noam Chomsky — pioneering MIT linguist, cognitive scientist, education guru, Occupy pamphleteer — sat down with McGill University professor James McGilvray to talk about the origin and purpose of language. In 2009, the two reconvened to discuss how half a decade of scientific progress, including developments like “biolinguistics” and computational linguistics, has altered our understanding of the subject. Their fascinating conversations have now been gathered in The Science of Language (public library) — a fine addition to these essential books on language.

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Depășește-ți limitele și concentrează-te pe obiectivul tău

De cele mai multe ori, te simți tentat să renunți când ai în fața ta un obstacol sau chiar când te întâlnești cu liniștea și confortul de pe canapeaua ta sau din cafenea.

Dacă într-adevăr vrei să-ți vezi visul cu ochii, prietenii tăi cei mai buni  trebuie să fie CONCENTRAREA și PUTEREA de a-ți depăși propriile limite.

Îți spuneam și în alt articol că trebuie să îți placă extraordinar de mult ceea ce faci și să fii pasionat până la spume. Pentru că e foarte greu, iar dacă nu ești hotărât și îndrăgostit de ce vrei, vei renunța repede.

Cât despre concentrare…ia-o de mână și hai să vedem importanța ei.

Când te hotărăști să mergi spre un vis al tău, primele zile, săptămâni și uneori chiar luni pot să pară ușoare și ești entuziast. Apoi, te lași defocusat foarte ușor. Poate să intervină în viața ta un obstacol,care să-ți distragă atenția, iar tu fiind într-o stare proastă, uiți de obiectivul tău. Dar și mai periculos, e să te lași defocusat de lucrurile bune. Pentru că acolo te simți bine. Ieși astăzi la o cafea, mâine amâni proiectele tale și poimâine te întâlnești cu un prieten drag. Apoi fără să-ți dai seama, trece o lună și tu nu ai lucrat la visul tău pentru că ți s-au întâmplat o grămadă de lucruri bune și efectiv….te simțeai prea bine.

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10 Sites for Teaching/Learning a Foreign Language

  1. Duolingo –  An interesting site that allows users to translate text from the web.  Sentences are given to users at their own learning pace and Duolingo supplies words with images to reinforce learning.
  2. Imendi – A nice site to learn eight foreign languages through 12 lessons using flash card style games.
  3. Instreami – An innovative site for learning a language through the use of digital video.
  4. Learn a Language – A great site for learning a variety of languages through the use of online games, activities, and more.
  5. Lingt Classroom – A great site with educational portal that allows teachers to create voice-based assignments.
  6. Lyrics Gap – Fun site for learning a language by filling in the missing words of a song.  Users can even create their own exercises by selecting what word to be omitted and then sharing a link.
  7. Memrise – A good site for learning a variety of subjects, including foreign languages, through an innovative flash card system.
  8. Nabber – A collaborative site that allows user to search for a word or term and find translations and suggestions left by others.
  9. Nulu Languages – An excellent site for learning a foreign language through online translations of current events and use of flashcards.  Has an educational portal for student tracking.
  10. Word Steps – A great way to learn foreign language words by creating words list with images and audio.  Words Steps also has a mobile app, ideal for learning on the go.


YouTube Testing Feature To Quiz You While You’re Watching A Video

youtube questions

YouTube videos may soon be getting a little more interactive. There’s now a page on the YouTube website describing a feature called “Video Questions Editor Beta,” which was spotted by the Dutch tech site

The page itself is pretty bare-bones, but it describes the feature as a way for “multiple questions to be displayed on top of your video during playback that a viewer can answer.” So video producers can add an interactive element to their content — imagine adding little quizzes to an educational video or introducing product questions to a video ad.

I actually managed to sign up my (pretty much nonexistent) YouTube account for the beta, and you can see the question editor above. It’s pretty straightforward: you just enter the question you want to ask, the point in the video when it should appear, and the answers that a viewer can choose from. You can also identify one of the answers as the correct one, and offer a hint if the viewers guess incorrectly. Afterwards, you can view a summary of the answers on your analytics page.

The beta page does caution that this really is just something YouTube is testing: “There is no plan for long-term support of the feature and may be removed at any time without prior notification.” I’ve emailed the company for comment and will update if I hear back.


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