About Music

Music had become a part of our lives. No matter if yo want it or not, every day you are listening to a certain number of tracks. On street, in movies, in commercials, on music channels… Sometimes you hear the music that your neighbours are listening to… And all of this music have it’s tone. All of this music have it’s message. All of this music sets certain feelings. But are you aware of all this? Are you aware what messages are delivered to you? Are you aware how these messages affect your life? Are you aware in what way this all is serving you?

What music are you listening to? What music listen those around you? Did you ever notice that? Did you ever notice how they think? Did you ever notice how they live? What beliefs do they have? Which are their priorities in life? What kind of mood do they have?

Which is main message of songs? What do they tell you? Is that about something YOU want or something what THEY think you should want? Do you know what you really want? You know why you want it?

We all want something for one reason: to feel good. But do those songs make you feel good? Is that a lasting feeling? Would you like to experience it again?

You are the one that can choose what to listen and what not. You create your own life.

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