About Goals

Everybody have some goals. Big or small, important or not so much, everyone have some of them. And everybody tries to do something about them.

Sometimes we try so hard that we feel overwhelmed. It looks that we just do not move forward. It feels like we have no power.

Believe me or not, but you have more power than you ever can imagine. Even since you was a kid that power bursts out of you and helps you. That power helped you to learn to walk. As easy and naturally as it seem, this is such a complex thing to do. Huge laboratories, years of research and hours of hard work create robots that just imitate our walk. And you figured out how to walk just by yourself. You did it in a very short time. And you can do much more than just walking in two steps.

At that time you had the desire. You had this intention. You have seen that others can do it, and you wanted to do it too. And then you started to do your first attempts. Day by day, attempt by attempt, fall by fall, you moved forward. Did those falls hurt? Of course they did. But that was not a reason to stop. That was an opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t. Your persistence helped you to finally achieve that. You did it.

Our goals are dreams, often with deadlines. And very often the way to our goals is not so pleasant as we would like it to be. This all creates so much frustration, so much doubt, so much worry. Very often it scares us. But the way is not to be feared, but to be enjoyed and appreciated. This way should be appreciated because it helps us to learn what works and what doesn’t. It teaches us. And that is good.

In every experience it is not so important experience itself, but the conclusion you gained from it. It is the wisdom you achieved. It is relief that you feel when you understant it’s true purpose.

Many things happen in the way to our dreams, and that is good. Because it helps us to feel appreciation when everything is going so well. Bad experiences are signals that there is a better way. And when you find out that better way, think just about it. Appreciate bad experience for knowledge it gave you, and let it go. You don’t need it anymore. It’s purpose is done now. You don’t need to remind yourself about it. Now you have to focus on the better way. Now you have to focus on the better experiences. Now you have to focus on the better feelings.

Everybody have some goals. But why do we have them? This little detail makes goals something personal. Your reason for having it is the only thing in the World that can make you move mountains. It is the only thing that can make your heart sing when it is only despair arround. Remember why you wanted something in the very beginning. Remember it when everything is just going wrong. Remember it when everything is just dropping out of your hands. Let the dream of getting it done come true. And never try to do it perfect. It just is not possible. The only thing you can do is to do the best you can do.

Let your goals lighten the way toward them.

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