Always Learn


It is a part of your life. Believe me or not, but you are always learning something. And it is good when you are the one that chooses what to learn. This is the best thing you could ever do.

It should be something that you would enjoy, or something that you know would be useful for you.
You can learn a new skill, a new recipe. Maybe you want to sing, or draw, or cook. Try it. Play with it. Have some fun.
You can memorize some tips. You can learn a few facts. And it doesn’t matter what it is about. Just let it become a part of you.
You can play a crossword. You can play on the field. You can even play on your PC. But always learn something from those games. There is more wisdom than you ever imagined.

Remember how easily you learned when you was a kid. You can’t? That’s right. 🙂
It is so because you never “learned”. You always played. And because of that everything came so easily and naturally.
Take it easy. Set up your intention, and start doing something. Don’t judge or criticize. Just play with it. And while you are playing, let it be fun. If something doesn’t work, just try to do it in another way. If you think you can’t do it, ask for some help. But believe me, you can do more than you can imagine.

It can be PC games, workbooks, relationships… Every situation in you life is a lesson for you. It is your choice to learn from it or to ignore it. But keep in mind that life is a very persistent teacher, and it can give you the same lesson until you finally get it.

Try to always be properly prepared. Life gives a second chance, but experience of making it from first try is amazing. Mastery is not about talent, but about work that develops that talent. Master is the one that can do the job better than anybody else, and it is so because he is always overdoing it. Master always puts value in his work.
Learn from everything. Learn from every experience. Learn from every person that you meet. At least get an idea from every book you put your hands on. And always keep your hands on some books.

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