Enjoy Every Moment


All your life is just a series of moments that follow each other. Here are pleasant ones that make your heart sing, and others that you would like to avoid. And all of them are very important for you.

Best part is that you are the one that can choose what moments to let come in you life. You can magnify good moments by focusing on them. You can attract good moments by expecting good moments to come to you.

What about bad moments? Appreciate them. Say “thank you” to them, because they are here to help you. Bad moments help you to set up your preferences. You understand that you don’t like that, but you would like that. And when you understand that, let go bad moment and forget about it. Now your job is to look for that good moment that you now know that you will enjoy.

Every day of your life is full of tiny segments when you just do some stuff. It may be reading, watching, or just chatting. You may not control all the things that will happen, but you can control your expectations. What you expect to happent on that moment that comes next? What you want to get from it? Put that in your mind before you start doing something, and enjoy the experience.

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